Top Destinations for Females to make the most of your the Solo trip

2018 has witnessed a huge trend of women solo travelers who have been traveling to varied locations globally. If you check Instagram, you will find that there are many professional travel bloggers visiting different places to explore the real world. In fact, according to the survey done by hostel-booking site, there is an increase of 42% of backpackers, especially women in recent years.  In the year 2017, there was a growth of female booking which grew by 45%.

If you are looking forward to joining the group of women solo travelers, then here is the list of top places to travel:

  • Cuba:

This Caribbean country is becoming a hot favorite for women travelers. The multi-culture and happening lifestyle of people in Cuba has been the major attraction of solo travelers. However, to explore this place, you need to prepare yourself well because of the high humidity climate. So carry sunscreen and sunglasses to get protection from sun rays. The men here are known for catcalling and wolf-whistles towards women. However, this is normal and non-threatening. Cuba certainly has some great locations, including islands and long white beaches to explore.

  • South Africa:

For solo women travelers, South Africa has many things to offer. From Johannesburg to Kruger National Park, there are different places to explore in the country. There is no shortage of location to explore. Do hiking at the Table Mountain; go for wine tasting in Stellenbosch and whale watching. There are also some safari destinations that will create a great travel experience and whats more you can book your package in budget using promo codes from cheapdiscountcode.

  • Bulgaria:

Bulgaria is the next important destination for female solo travelers. There are two ways you can explore the country. The first one by traveling to top tourist cities-Veliko Tarnovo, Black Sea Shore, Bansko, and Borovets, while to explore in a second way, there are also some lesser-known destinations like- mountain villages, architectural gems and some small town. Do travel on local public transport to money and time. If visiting in Plovdiv or Sofia, there are free tours which will help in understanding the local culture and meet people from other cities.

  • Sri Lanka:

Sri Lanka is a safe country for solo female travelers. It has a mix of  Buddhism and Indian tradition, making it worth exploring. In recent years, there has been a good rise in night culture. So you can enjoy the night and make new good friends. Colombo Downtown Monkey, City Monkey, Hikkaduma Beach Monkey, and many other places are worth exploring. Do enjoy the culture and delicious seafood.  Sri Lanka is a paradise where you can enjoy walking down the beach, exploring the interiors and temples around.

No matter which country you visit for a solo trip, you need to be well-prepared and should research about the place well. Being a solo female solo traveler, you need to be careful from people around. Do list the places that are safe for women solo travelers and are worth exploring.