Cost-Effective Tips for this Holiday Season’s Travel Plans

Save Money On Travel During The Holidays

Christmas is the merriest time of the year, but it’s undoubtedly when people also spend a lot in. Most of the time, the travel expense in the holiday is the costliest expense, from booking a ticket, hotel accommodation, to buying gifts, among other things. Here are surefire ways to save while enjoying your Christmas vacation.

Cost-Effective Tips for this Holiday Season’s Travel Plans

  1. Adjust your travel period

What some people are unaware of is the fact that the last Friday before December 25th is the most expensive date to fly with approximately 20 percent more added on your flight ticket. If you’re open on traveling on a more flexible day, you could save a great deal of money. You could do the same by booking an early morning flight.

  1. Use Applications to Keep Tabs on Prices

Thanks to today’s digital age, there are a lot of fare-tracking applications that can be easily downloaded on your phone. These applications will help you compare prices and find the best deals available on airlines and even hotels.

  1. Get Cash-Backs Redemptions

Cashback rewards on your credit cards, especially for a holiday, are great money-savers. Take advantage of your banks’ good rewards system to earn as many returns on the money you are bound to spend this Christmas season. You can then exchange these cash backs as gift cards, or cash.

  1. Remember to Travel Lightly

It’s not a secret that excess baggage fees can make your air travel expenses fly higher. It might sound almost impossible to pack your baggage light, especially if you’re going on a holiday trip overseas, but having only one luggage or carry-on bag will significantly decrease your spending.

  1. Avoid parking in the airport

Airport parking fee surges along with the price of airline tickets during the holidays. Save money by leaving your car at home and opt for several car-sharing services. This is a much cheaper choice that you should make.

  1. Check the Internet

Those annoying newsletters from airline companies and hotels are actually useful for the holiday as various travel companies send exclusive deals and offer through emails. If you sign up for this, you will be among the first people to know booking periods and discount codes. It sometimes pays off to bear all the promotions you get along with these emails.

  1. Consider other forms of travel

As plane tickets get unbelievably expensive around the Christmas season, keep your options open for other means of travel. One of the cheaper alternatives is train travel. If you take into consideration the time spent to get through airport security, trains might actually even save you more time. It’s money and time efficiency in one.

  1. Try Shipping your Presents

Instead of paying an additional baggage fee on your presents (which isn’t cheap), try shipping them out. Several carriers even offer free shipping or shipping discounts on the holiday season, so take advantage of this. By doing this, you’re also free from carrying a lot of baggage to the airport. Talk about a hassle-free holiday.

The holiday season might make you splurge on your spending, but there are several ways to cut back, especially on your travel expense. The more money you save, the happier you’ll be in the merriest time of the year.