Appreciate Employees for their Contribution through these Gift Ideas

One of the ways how employers can appreciate the contribution of employees towards the company is by gifting them. Gifts are the best way how employees can get motivated to perform better and help in the growth of the company. According to one study, 58% of employees say that getting recognition is what helped them to have more engagement with the employer. Rather than gifting the same old pen, mug or card, why don’t you opt for something else?

This article presents you with the list of gift ideas that employers can offer to employees that can help in creating more engagement.

  • Offer Fleece Blankets:

Offices cannot be without air conditions and during the winter season, the office can turn into an Iceland. Then why not make your employees feel warm, and offer them with fleece blankets. Although, this isn’t an exact gift, but can really make your employees feel good and can be purchased in bulk using vouchers from cheapdiscountcode. Moreover, by wearing a blanket, your team members can feel cozy and comfortable leading to good productivity.

  • Organising Team Lunch:

One way of creating an appreciable work environment for employees is by conducting monthly team lunch. You don’t need to inform them in advance, but can call them for a meeting and shock them with the surprise team lunch. This certainly helps employees to be more productive towards the company. Moreover, this also helps in increasing communication among the team.

  • Throw a Monthly Party:

Don’t confuse with the lunch party, but an actual party where team members can have fun together. Book a space in advance where they can dance and play games. Create games that can help in promoting teamwork and offer rewards. This can act as the major gift from employers towards its employees. There are many companies that organize parties for its employees helping to be productive and connected with the company.

  • Movie Pass:

Who doesn’t love watching movies? If you want to appreciate your employees then why not give the movie pass so that they can enjoy the time. Whether it is a love story or an action movie from DC Marvel, it is sure that your employees would love to get the movie pass as a gift. Give some add-ons that will make the movie more fun.

  • Noise-canceling Headphones:

Go beyond traditional gifts, and give your determined employee with a noise-canceling headphone that can keep them engaged in the workplace. If the employee keeps running into the meeting room to do peaceful work, then offering the employee with noise-canceling headphones is the best gift. There are different brands that offer noise-canceling headphones.  Your employee will certainly love it.

When you are gifting your employees, make sure to make it personal. Add a personal touch to the gift to make it worth and employees will certainly love it. Do check some of the options of good gift ideas for your employees.