Your Essential Guide On What to Buy in March 2022

It has been officially a year since the coronavirus was declared a pandemic. While this has caused drastic changes in most industries and everyone’s life – retail and shopping included, many are still anticipating better days ahead. Specifically, if you’re looking to find great season ender deals and prepare for the warmer days around the corner, March has a lot of things in store for you. 

There is just a lot to look forward to at the beginning of the much-awaited spring season. From holidays like St. Patrick’s Day to the dawn of daylight savings time, March is the perfect time to stock up on warmer weather must-haves or even plan for the next covid-safe summer getaway and road trips. No matter what you look for, now is the best time to find the top deals of the year.

Here are 5 of the year-round essentials, including awesome sales, free shipping, and huge discounts to maximize your savings during this period.

Brands with Best Value Savings This Month

  • BuiltBar – 50% off on your favorite sweet and healthy treats
  • Rendall–Up to 50% off on latest face mask offers
  • Silver and gold–Up to 73% off with items on sale
  • Canvass Champ –Extra 10% discount and free shipping deals
  • SneakerNstuffs– Special sale on winter items. Save up to 70%
  • Mr. Maine Roast – Free shipping special on all orders
  • Adama Minerals –20% Savings on acne products

Apart from these brands offering several month-long seasonal steals, below are some of the items you must get your hands into this springtime.

  1. Fitness Equipment

It’s finally time to realize your overdue resolution at the beginning of the year and all for the better since exercise equipment is more affordable around the end of the quarter. What normally would cost you a hefty sum of money could be reduced to 20 or 30% if you’re lucky enough to find great deals. March is the best time to both fatten up your wallet and achieve a tiny waistline. Talk about a steal!

  • Chocolates and Sweets

– The Easter celebration in the next month means great savings for people who have severe and not-so-serious sweet cravings. Indulging in your favorite sugary treats is even better, especially with discount codes and coupons available this season. All made better because it’s right after Valentine’s month where big chain supermarkets put candies and other sweets in big sales to make way for bunny-shaped sugary delights. The built bar offers 50% off their chocolate shelf. 

  • Winter Sports Items

– The winter cold has barely even left, but discounts on winter items are right around the corner. You can expect gears and other equipment to be marked down this March. If you happened to pick up one or two new winter sports interests during the lockdown, this might be the best time to purchase the items you need. SneakersNstuff has a special sale on selected winter finds. Check them out and get as much as 70% savings.

  • Hygiene and Wellness Products

– With experts saying it’s going to take at least a few more years before we’re really “back to normal” (whatever that means) after this pandemic, more than ever, now is the ideal time to invest in hygiene and wellness-related products. Despite the rapid administration of the vaccine worldwide, many people see the need to install air purifiers and hands-free technology in their homes. It should be easy to find bargains of these items everywhere. 

  • Domestic Ticket Sales

– While there might still be restrictions and limitations in international travels, domestic trips are increasingly common nowadays. The month of March is the perfect period to book local flights as you could get as much as an 80% discount on your bookings. There will also be associated luggage or hotel deals with this, so you might want to take advantage of that too. 

Bonus: What NOT to Buy

You might want to hold off on your spring clothes shopping plans if you’re going to make significant buck savings this period. Since it’s just the outset of spring, you can expect these items to be quite costly. Try to wait a little bit later in the quarter. Garden supplies, furniture, and some appliances are advised to be bought a month or two later.