Top Monson Fashion Trends of 2018 to make yourself look classy

Refreshing pours and breezy weather is something that you always miss to enjoy during the rest of 8 months in a year. Monsoon is not just about a change in the weather pattern, but also your fashion too. Once the monsoon knocks on our door, its times to change your wardrobe or fashion statement to complement the weather and season. Monsoon isn’t just about drizzling, but also about facing heavy rain, which can be sometimes troublesome. If you are among the fashionista group who want to follow the right fashion during the monsoon season then here are few monsoon fashion tips that will help you rock your monsoon look in the budget:

  • Choosing the right Monsoon Fabrics:

One of the important things to consider when choosing the fabric for the fashion is to avoid buying transparent ones and ought for light clothes. Go for cotton fabrics which are flawless. If you intend to get wet and don’t want clothes to get glued to your body, then go for nylon and chiffon fabrics which are best for monsoon season. Avoid wearing linen cloths which may shrink during monsoon wet.  If you have no knowledge of monsoon clothes or fabrics, then do consult with fashion professionals or check online to know more about the latest brands of fabric and purchase them using codes from cheapdiscountcode.

  • Colourful Dress:

Sometimes rainy season can be dull or gloomy making the scenario look dull. So to overcome this, you must wear bright hues that will light up the monsoon season. Some of the best colourful dress options are orange, blue, pink and yellow. These colours certainly lighten up the mood. However, make sure to avoid high-contrast colour as dark stain may end up showing. You don’t have to spend huge bucks over the rainy outfit. You can go to local shops for trendy monsoon colourful dresses. However, make sure it suits you well.

  • Adding up the Accessories:

If you are in a monsoon outing, not just the dress, but adding up classy accessory can be a good monsoon fashion. It’s better to pick wood or plastic adornments. You can even go for moderate gem pieces or stylish jewellery. Look for accessories which are specially designed for monsoon and go perfectly with the rainy outfit. If you are carrying some huge collections of accessories to wear on a special occasion, then carry a big bag. Also, carry a small waterproof bag to keep accessories safe.

  • Taking Right Care of Skin:

During monsoon season, it is very important that you take the right care of your skin. Don’t go for heavy cosmetics because they might get soaked and the skin may look patchy. Apply gel based foundations that can keep your skin fresh. Similarly, for eyes, opt for fluid liners as they can get smudgy in the monsoon. Do check out for the specifically designed monsoon skin care products that are worth using.


Monsoon is a season of romance, and you can make it more amazing by being trendy in terms of fashion and overall look of yours. So follow this tip to be a fashion updated person.