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Any household pet can provide countless hours of joy and happiness – so it is important to look after them and ensure that they remain happy and healthy.   However, the cost of annual check-ups, treatments, food and entertainment can all add up and result in you shelling out some big bucks over the course of your pet’s life.   BestVetCare is one of the leading online retailers for pet provisions, including items for dogs, cats, birds and horses. As well as natural homeopathic treatments for a variety of ailments.   BestVetCare has coupled-up with to ensure that you receive up-to-date deals and extensive discounts to help keep your pup or puss in top condition without breaking the bank.   Some Tips On How To Keep Your Pets In Tip-Top Condition:
  1. Keep on top of your vet check-ups
  Make sure that you stay on top of your annual pet check-ups - even if your animal seems healthy. Whilst your cat or dog may become stressed and upset on the vet visit and you may consider this doing more harm to them than good – it is important to have a professional double check the wellbeing of your beloved animal.   A vet can weigh your pet and check inside their mouths at their oral health which is something that most pet owners are unable to do. Knowing the weight of your pet also helps ensure that any flea and worm treatment quantities are being administered correctly.
  1. Healthy Diet
  It may sound obvious but, much the same as a human diet, having a healthy and balanced food regimen is integral to a long, happy and healthy life. By ensuring that your pet eats good quality foods it will help them build a strong immunity against illness and disease and prevention is known to be better than cure.   Try to feed your pet as natural a diet as possible, avoid cheap filler ingredients and provide good quality, nutritional and protein-rich foods.  
  1. Happy Heads
  Keeping your pet healthy is not simply about their physical health but also their mental wellbeing too. Ensure that they have plenty of mental stimulation in the form of toys and playtime – especially if you are out of the house for extended periods of time. If possible, encourage social bonding with other animals of the same species; for example, puppy playdates.   Be aware of the stresses and strains certain things can cause your pet. For example, fireworks, moving to a new house, moving furniture around, new noises and smells – they can all add to a heightened level of anxiety for your pet. When an animal is stressed it can misbehave or act differently so ensure that you pay good attention to their actions and help keep their safe-haven a safe place.
  1. Neuter and Spay
  There are countless animals in need of homes – so ensure that you are responsible and do not add to the level of homelessness. Make sure that you spay or neuter your pets, as soon as they have reached age. Not only will this help in terms of pet rehoming levels, but not neutering or spaying animals can lead to an increased rate of reproductive cancers.
  1. Fleas, worms and ticks
  Fleas, worms, and ticks can not only be deadly and uncomfortable for your pets, but they can cause havoc within a household too. Medicating your animal against such parasites is an easy thing to do and keep on top of – and can easily save the life of your pet, as well as prevent a potential infestation within your home.
  1. Chip and collar
  Make sure that your animal always wears a suitable collar. With cats, opt for a reflective, safety-catch collar to prevent them from getting trapped. Collars are a great way for any wandering pet to be returned home. Having your pet chipped too is a vital way of keeping tabs on your animal, ensuring that if they become lost, they can be returned.