How to make Thanksgiving exciting for children?


Thanksgiving is that time of the month when family members gather around and express their gratitude to the father in heaven. Traditionally, it was considered the holy holiday but now it has become more of a national holiday. These days adults on one side are excited about Thanksgiving parties or treats, children are often seen hugging around the relatives they meet once a year on this day. If you are planning to make Thanksgiving interesting for the kids and want them to cherish the holy holiday then read the blog and implement these ideas:

  • Bingo in Thanksgiving way: Who doesn’t love to play Bingo? If you want to make Thanksgiving fun and yet insightful then try Thanksgiving theme bingo. It will add some fun for the children and they will also learn about the relevance of scarecrows, pumpkins, corn, pilgrims and much more. Also, the allurement of winning a prize will make them excited about the game and they will come well prepared.
  • Thanksgiving Craft: Decorating the house for Thanksgiving can be mundane for kids as they would want to chill as this is their off day. But in order to make it fun for them add some colour and craft. Get amazing craft papers, wallpapers, paint, accessories, and other material on discount from Cheapdiscountcodes and let your child decorate your place on Thanksgiving.
  • Run wild with imagination: One of the fun activities of the kids on Thanksgiving Day, while adults are making merry, is to unleash their creativity. Arrange colouring sheets for the kids and spread them on the dining table, let them colour or paint their sheet in the designated time and award the most beautiful art. Or you can also ask the kids to make clay toys and the fastest one with the best toy will win. This will engross the kids and let them unleash their art.
  • Funny cutlery: Make your kids help you in the kitchen by making a funny, cute and horrifying craft for the cutlery. It will not only make them contribute to the holiday but will also add taste to the cutlery. Scarecrow shape napkin holder and ribbons will add to the Thanksgiving cutlery, Thanksgiving theme placemats, table mats and cutlery will add to the feel of the festival and ignite a spark in the minds of the children.
  • Use pumpkin seeds: Ever wondered what can be done with the pumpkin seeds? Often people throw them as trash but actually dried pumpkin seeds can be coloured and can be used as beads for decoration. Even one can make a game out of this. Whosoever colours maximum pumpkin seeds with 1 minute will win a prize and along with the game, one can also share fun facts of the day.

Children need some fun and excitement on Thanksgiving Day; narrating stories or hanging around with relatives can be boring. So it is important to add some fun and make the day enjoyable for the kids as well. With these fun games and chores, kids will not only feel included but will also get curious to know about the history and tradition of Thanksgiving Day. So this Thanksgiving celebrates it with kids in a different manner and make it the memorable one for them and the relatives.