Cheerfun – Cheer for Fun, Leading Kids’ Toys Brand


Cheerfun is an educational kids’ toys brand. To help every kid grow with fun, focus on kids’ interests, and stimulate the inner potential of children to bring out the best in every kid. We will never stop striving to build a fun world for kids to offer them a better future. Part of this mission is to ensure their development away from electronic devices. We accomplish this by developing fun ways for them to play while still children.

Cheerfun doodle boards have unique animal designs with appearance patent, including dinosaurs, unicorns, kittens, cute dogs, bears, owls, and other shapes that have won the love of many children. And each tablet has a variety of colors for children to choose from. It is worth mentioning that every Cheerfun LCD writing tablet has a unique name and special story. They are not only cold handwriting boards but also good friends who accompany children to grow up together.

All our tablets are made of high-strength ABS material that is lightweight and anti-fall while safe for your children to handle and be near, and tablets use pressure-sensitive technology, so a light touch will produce a different effect than heavy pressure. This way, it duplicates the feel of paper without using hundreds of sheets or having to bring a whole pencil box everywhere with you. With an 8.5/10-inch screen, this writing tablet is perfectly portable, easy to throw in a backpack and pull out in the car, on the train, or at the dinner table for a quick and productive activity. Come and Visit our website to see how your kids’ playtime can come to life with LCD writing tablets.

We will release some marketing activities from time to time with some Cheerfun coupon codes. Enter the coupon code when you place an order, and you can take it away at a better price. They are looking forward to being your friend.